Career Assist Services – What makes us different?

At MSC we provide a number of services that can be chosen by the organisation or by the client and used in many alternative ways. A shopping list of Career Assist Services used how and when you require. We provide a range of group or individual executive packages that have varying involvement from the organisation and individual. It not what we want, its what’s you require.

  • Role Assist

    What is the next role for you? Many people find that over the years the roles they have been best at are the ones they have enjoyed the most. The higher you are motivated the more successful you became.

    We like to get to know you, what you have done, what you enjoyed most and then working with you discuss what you want to do next.

    It is often that the next role is similar both in market sector and level of position that you have most recently been involved. However it is important to not only focus on the role but also the companies and cultures that match your requirement. We discuss and examine these with you making sure that the initial step into the recruitment marketplace is made with your requirements in mind and where best you are suited.

    You probably know this already but so often focusing on this correctly at this stage ensures success at each stage.
  • CV Assist

    So many times we see CV’s that have been submitted for roles that will not get past that initial stage of review.

    Times change, ways of presenting your credentials change and making sure your details get in front of that decision maker in that company is a crucial step in finding the top role for you.

    Having an independent view on what and how you present your details can be one of the most successful areas of our Career Assist Services. Many individuals just take this as a single service and this is often the most important element to get right.

    How is visually formatted, what goes in and what stays out, do I need more than one version, personalisation of CV’s, what makes a successful CV?
  • Market Assist

    So you know what you want to do, you’ve indentified the companies that are correct for you, you’ve got the best CV that will be read but where do you next go.

    The times have changed since you were last out there and could guarantee that one phone call gave you one interview which resulted in the job. Or you may have been out there recently but are unsure about what to do next.

    We detail the best areas to attack and how to do this, after all you are now marketing yourself to the outside world so it is important not to waste time, energy and money on the wrong channels to market. Networking, specific targeting, agencies, advertisements are all investigated and also details on covering letters and telephone skills and managing the job search.
  • Interview Assist

    You’ve been there yourself many times on the other side of the table and seen the candidate come in and you want to be satisfied you are going to make the right decision in getting the right person.

    Preparation at this stage is crucial and then taking this onwards with various interview skills for the different types of interviews that you are likely to come across are also detailed. Following up after the interview and taking to the next level can seem daunting but you’ve got this far and you have to close that deal. What’s correct what is incorrect.

    We make sure you are prepared and discuss the correct way of getting to the final stage.
  • Negotiation Assist

    This stage is so often ignored and is normally the most uncomfortable stage to discuss. You’ve already successfully sold yourself and now you are in the stronger position. You know your value but what are the hazards? How can you now succeed and create that win-win situation? Evaluate that employment offer? What are the other benefits available?

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